Refund and Cancellation Policy


Please be aware that all prices are offered in the currency of United States Dollars. Prices may vary depending on availability. For example, prices may rise during holidays. All prices are subject to confirmation of payment. Prices can be raised without warning.

Your booking will begin the process of reservation. The cancellation fee will come into effect after you have made your booking. If your order cannot be booked for any reason, we will refund your transaction in full without any extra costs.

30 Days Prior to Departure Date 100% of Total Price
31-90 Days Prior to Departure Date 75% of Total Price
91-119 Days Prior to Departure Date 50% of Total Price
120 or More Days Prior to Departure Date 25% of Total Price

We suggest that each consumer thoroughly review the cancellation policy. Both hotel and tour schedules are scheduled in advance of time. No refund shall be made to any person who fails to appear on the day of departure.

Every reservation will be subject to the Cancellation Costs listed here, only if the tour booked has separate rates or fees set out in the Special Notes.

No reimbursement shall be made for any portion of the tour not used by the client since the departure of the tour, irrespective of any conceivable purpose.

Air fare is fully non-refundable on tours that provide air fare.

The hotel extension is non-refundable until it has been verified.

We may not consider altering the date of departure of the tour if it departs within 30 days.

Any cancellations must be made directly to

Any tours may require a minimum number of people to work. The consumer involved may be entirely refunded or can prefer a comparable tour product as a replacement. However, please bear in mind that if this were to happen, it will be under very special and unusual conditions, because we would do our hardest to fulfill the travel needs of our customers.

Modification Fees: for any changes (date, departure place, tour, etc.) made to the reservation after an e-mail update has been received, the reservation is subject to an amendment fee of $50 per update.

The amendment payments shall extend on all reservations, unless the tour booked has clear terms, fees and conditions set out in the Special Notes. Cancellation Costs refer on any reservation with a date of departure within 90 days.

If you wish to add an extra passenger to the reservation after it has been confirmed, we will only charge the difference in fares for the extra passenger. If the additional passenger has been registered, the reservation cannot be adjusted or cancelled without a cancellation fee. The standard cancellation procedure would refer to the cancellation of a customer's reservation.

Travel schedules often change and you may like a refund for your booked plane fare or other associated amenities, such as luggage or seat charges. This website provides valuable information to decide whether you are entitled to a refund for air tickets or services relevant to scheduled flights.

Am I Entitled To Make A Refund?

In the following cases, travellers are entitled to a refund of the price of the fare and/or the associated costs.

Cancelled Flight – A passenger is entitled to a refund if the carrier cancels the flight for whatever reason and the passenger wishes not to board.

Timetable Adjustment/Major Delay- A traveller is entitled to a refund if the airline has made a significant schedule change and/or has substantially postponed the flight and the passenger decides not to fly.

DOT has not explicitly specified what constitutes a "significant delay." Whether you are entitled to a refund depends on a variety of considerations, including the duration of the delay, the length of the flight, and the individual circumstances. DOT decides whether you are entitled to a refund after a lengthy delay on a case-by-case basis.

Class of Service Change- A passenger is entitled to a refund if the passenger has involuntarily switched to a lower class of service. For instance, if a traveller purchases a first-class ticket and is downsized to the economy class due to an aircraft swap, the disparity in fares is due to the passenger.

Optional Service Fees- A traveller is entitled to a refund of the fees charged for an optional service (for example, luggage costs, seat upgrades or Wi-Fi in-flight) if the passenger was unable to access the optional service due to a cancellation of the flight, a delay, a timetable change, or a condition in which the passenger was unintentionally refused boarding.

Note: In circumstances where you have ordered an extra service that either does not operate or is not available on a flight, you may need to alert the airline of the issue in order to obtain a refund.

Baggage Fees- A passenger is entitled to a refund if the passenger has charged a baggage charge and his or her baggage have been deemed missing by the airline.

Airlines may have various procedures in order to decide whether a bag is technically missing. Many airlines can record a bag lost between five and fourteen days after the flight, although this may vary from one airline to another.

If the airline unreasonably continues to accept a misplaced bag after it has been missing for an undue amount of time, the airline could be liable to a compliance action by the DOT.

Fully Refundable Ticket - Passengers who purchase fully refundable tickets are entitled to a refund when they do not use the purchased ticket to complete their travel.

In the following cases, traveller are not entitled to refunds, except in extremely restricted circumstances:

Non-Refundable Fares- Passengers who buy non-refundable tickets are not entitled to a refund until the carrier makes a commitment to make a refund or the airline cancels a flight or makes a major adjustment to the timetable.

Personal Issue- Passengers who buy non-refundable ticket but are unable to fly for personal purposes, such as illness or late arrival at the airport, are not entitled to a refund.

Unsatisfactory Service- A passenger who is happy to take a Trip but has a poor encounter with an airline or a flight is not entitled to a refund.

Incidental Costs – Traveller who incur incidental expenses such as rented cars, hotel rooms or meals due to a substantially delayed or postponed flight are not liable for reimbursement of incidental expenses.

Note: While airlines are not obliged to make refunds for non-refundable fares, they are free to do so or can issue a credit or travel voucher for potential use by the airline. Airlines must also deliver on the commitments they make and, in some cases, may be able to give passengers accommodation or other amenities that they are not expected to have. Call the carrier directly to ask for extra lodging or perks.

Cancellation of Ticket Booking or Purchase within 24 hours of Reservation

Airline tickets booked at least seven days before the scheduled departure date and time of the flight must be either:

Enable passengers to cancel their booking and obtain a complete refund for a maximum of 24 hours or without charge.

Enable passengers to schedule a ticket (place it on hold) at the quoted price without paying a 24-hour ticket.

Airlines are not expected to have both a hold and a refund option. Review the stance of the airline before buying a ticket. However, if the airline allows a reservation without charge, it must Authorize the customer to cancel the reservation without penalty within 24 hours. If the airline needs payment on a booking, it must Authorize the customer to cancel the payment and the reservation within 24 hours to request a full refund.

While airlines must keep a reservation for 24 hours or make a refund to travelers on request within 24 hours of making a reservation, airlines are not allowed to make adjustments to the ticket free of charge.

If you are doing volunteer change in reservation then Airline specific changes rule will be applicable plus our modification fees will be applicable

If you are doing involuntary change in reservation then no change fee will he applicable to resissue the tickets but modification fees of $50 will be applied to do the same

Changes hereby refers to Date and time change ,flight change ,schedule change

Name change is not permitted in reservation

How quickly the airline, travel agent or online travel agency will process the refunds?

If a passenger is due for a refund. Refund amount will be credited back to same mode of payment according to specific airline norms and can take upto 60-90 Working days.

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